I just love being awesome.


Hubber and I

It’s hard though.  Being awesome, that is.  I mean, I’m a designer and a color fiend, but also am a reformed musician and mom… this basically means I’m really creative, have a really messy house, and know who all the hot guys are on Nikolodeon (score!).  I love creating, crafting and I try to inject personality into all my projects.  I am a firm believer in making each wedding, event or party unique to those throwing it, and the best way to do that is through the details!


Hubber and I, about a million years ago.

After marrying Hubber I started my business, Chantal Claire Collections.  Like many other brides, I posted my own DIY wedding invitation online and to my surprise I received lots of positive feedback and requests from other brides.  When my company downsized a few months later and I found myself out of work, Hubber and I decided to give this creative side project a real go.  I lost my job on Wednesday morning, we launched that afternoon, and on Friday the largest national industry magazine called to interview me for their latest issue.  I realized very quickly that pursuing my creativity was the right choice for me.  It’s funny how things work out sometimes, isn’t it?

A few years later I had my babies, the Divine Miss A and the Kamikaze Kid, and decided to be a full time mom while they were at home.  During that time we relocated to a different country – goodbye Canada, hello US of America! and have settled in.  Now that the kiddletons are both in school and I’m all green carded up, I have jumped back into creative work full force.  I paint, decorate my house and help make your wedding or other event truly personal and beautiful.  I hope you’ll check me out at http://www.chantalclaire.com.



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