With stars in her eyes.

This is a brag post.  When my daughter was five she started getting really into drawing and painting.  I showed her a copy of Starry Night on the laptop and she and I both made a version of it.  Divine Miss A drew a version with crayons, then painted one.  Not bad for a five year old!



I’m off my rocker.

I have a bizarre love for rocking chairs.  If I see one at Goodwill, I have to buy it.  Like, I have to buy it.  I think it all started with this little project.


It’s a plain mini chair, nothing too special except it’s size – it’s perfect for a toddler.  I decided to zing this little pumpkin up for the Divine Miss A.

What a little beauty.  We have had this ballerina chair for about six years now, and at the time of this writing I think Divine Miss A has sat in it twice.  Time and money well spent!  Her stuffies sure like to hang out on it though.